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Christchurch Christian Centre UK

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Poem 'Why do I share?'

Why do I share?

Do I really care?
About my fellow man
In a way that God is pleased with me
And according to His plan

Is my heart yet burdened?
About the world that’s all around
I know I’m far from perfect
Though in Jesus I am found

Is my heart full of yearning?
Do I seek to do God’s will?
To see many people born again
Does my duty linger still?

If I do not seek a real heart
For the spiritually lost and blind
Will more people miss God’s heaven
And that bad place likely find

Do I truly have God’s wisdom?
Do I fall at Jesus feet?
Do I yet still have a heart of stone?
When I know that I’m complete

Is it just to escape God’s judgement?
That I want to share Gods plan
Or is it the whole experience
That they might understand

For just as I was born again
With a life all fresh and new
Surely it’s appropriate
That the lost should be born too

Do I really believe that darkness
Is dispelled by Jesus light?
Am I really going to use my knees?
And join into this fight

Do I really seek God’s spirit?
To help many others see
Or am I just content to know
That I am born and free?

It seems I’ve come a long way
Over 30 years or more
And the world seems more resentful
Against what you came here for

It wouldn’t be correct or right
To try this on my own
When I think about Gods holiness
Jesus gloriously enthroned

Oh Jesus Holy Spirit
Please cause my heart to see
Lead me, lead me, lead me
That others can be freed

How many souls before me
Have called out to this plight
Because we, when we become God’s children
Have become all clean and right

Yes, yes, yes
Again I want to say
I cannot do this on my own
In my life you shall have your say
In my life you shall have your say.

Amen and Amen
Written for the morning service on Sunday 5th September 2013 to the Glory of God to encourage myself and to encourage others to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ all the more.

Written by David Samways © Copyright 2013
A member of Christchurch Christian Centre -

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