Christchurch Christian Centre UK

Christchurch Christian Centre UK

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Main Meeting Area - Project Update

2013 Restoration & modernisation of main meeting area

In January of this year work began on a significant and necessary modernisation project to our main sanctuary. With access restricted by the fixed layout and signs of severe deterioration to the supporting floor joists 2013 has become the year we finally tackled this essential work.

This project has been divided into three phases and below are some photo's of the work so far.

Phases 1 & 2

Removal of the side seating areas and sub-floor to enable essential repairs

Significant deterioration was found to all floor timbers and almost all had to be replaced on both sides including the wall plates

New wall plates and treated timbers in place ready for the flooring to go back down



With necessary timbers replaced and repairs to the walls and flooring now complete on both sides, it was time to move onto phase three.

Phase Three

Removal of the central seating areas to enable essential repairs, installation of a new heating system and leveling of aisles to provide a safer and more functional space.


We were very pleased to discover that the condition of the timbers beneath the central seating area was not as bad as the sides although some repairs were necessary.

The heating engineer is onsite this week working on the new system and work has also begun on leveling the floor.

We are thankful to God for His provision of finance for this project which has allowed us to make a good start.  Please contact us if you are interested in making a donation towards this project which we believe will be of great benefit to the church and community for many years to come.

We hope this work will all be completed by the end of September.

We will post another update soon to show how things are progressing.

Our Sunday services are temporarily being held in the rear hall for the duration of this final stage.

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